Service Projects

At the very heart of Serve the City is servanthood. Part of being a disciple of Jesus Christ is serving people in need. Every community has a need; it's just up to us to find it and do something about it. What needs do you see in your community? What stories do you have about meeting those needs? Tell us! We want to partner with you as you spread the HOPE of Christ.

Sometimes Serve the City service projects happen in conjunction with Christian conferences. For example, YFA will be partnering with Xtreme Summer Conference and serving the communities of Panama City and Panama City Beach, Florida. This is a chance for youth groups at the conference to actively live out the things they are being taught. It's one thing to just go to a conference and listen to great speakers and music. But that doesn't really change anything for God's Kingdom if that's all we do. It's another thing altogether when that experience is coupled with ACTION!

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us at 

Serve The City Tour 2020 (Includes fall 2019 dates)

Chattanooga, TN: Saturday, November 9, 2019
Palataka, FL: TBA
Willow Springs, MO: TBA
Chattanooga, TN: March 2020
Knoxville, TN: TBA
Nashville, TN: TBA
Tuscaloosa, AL: May 2020
Panama City Beach, FL: June 2020 (Xtreme Summer Conference)
Belle Glade, FL: June 2020 (Collaborate Conference)
Memphis, TN: TBA
Snyder, TX: September 2020 (Illuminate Conference)
Chattanooga, TN: November 2020

If your city is not on the list or you would like to partner with us in one of the cities listen. Please e-mail us or fill out the form below