Need to raise money for your youth or college group. Try out Youth For America's T-shirt and Rambler Fundraiser. There is no up front cost to your group. Simply pre-sell the shirts and ramblers. Then send in your order and payment. Keep the profits and have your shirts delivered in 3 to 4 weeks.

Our YFA shirts are Comfort Colors shirts meaning they do no shrink, they are high quality, and one of the most popular brands on the market. They are also shirts with a mission and purpose for Christ.


Bases on Galatians 2:19-20

This t-shirt is a great way to share your testimony when people ask you, "what is the life you are now living?" Be like Paul and tell them who you used to be and who you are today after meeting Jesus.

YFA Word Map Shirt

This shirt has 1 Timothy 4:12 on the back which are the five areas we believe make up a Christian Leader. To be examples in speech, conduct, faith, love, and purity. The front then uses words that symbolize those five areas of leadership to make a map of the US.

Salt & Light Shirt

This is our theme shirt for 2017 based on Matthew 5:13-14. Too many times Christians just do and we want students to BE the person God created them to BE. To BE Salt & Light to a lost and hurting world.

YFA Rambler

You can have them personalized with your name, church name or monogram. A great alternative option for people who may not want a shirt.

Make $9-$11 profit per shirt and $7 profit per Rambler. 

Sell 50 shirts and your group makes $500

Sell 100 shirts and your group makes $1,100

Sell 250 shirts and your group makes $2,750

All designs are available in long and short sleeve. We suggest selling as follows:

short sleeve shirts - $25

long sleeve - $30

20 oz Personalized Rambler - $20

30 oz Personalized Rambler - $25

Contact us for more information.