Now is the chance to submit your $1000 Thought for 2017. A donor has come forward and pledged $12,000 to do twelve (12) $1,000 Thoughts in 2017.  We will be awarding 3 of these $1,000 Thought Awards every three months. Deadline to enter is April 15. Simply answer the question:

"What would your youth group or college group do with $1,000 to reach their community for Christ?"


December 2016/January 2017 $1,000 Thought is closed. We will be reviewing all the entries, getting feedback and picking our semi finalist. Get ready to vote for your favorite idea in February. If you missed entering we are allowing early entries for our next three $1,000 Thoughts for March/April 2017.

We wanted to say congrats to our 4th $1,000 Thought Winner.

2nd Baptist and The Summit from DeKalb County, AL

Every group did a great job and we were proud of all of the students that submitted $1,000 Thoughts and the videos of our other semi-finalists. They reached over 30,00 students and inspired people all over the country with their $1,000 Thoughts. 

Macedonia Baptist Youth - Greensburg, KY
Walnut Grove Baptist - Irvington, Ky
Legacy Baptist, Dallas, GA
Springfield Baptist - Panama City, FL

What is $1000 Thought?

Two times a year, Youth For America asks students all across the country this simple question: "If you were given $1000 to help reach your community or city, what would you do with it?"

Thousand Dollar Thought (part of Serve the City) is all about taking your great ideas and providing you with the resources to effectively carry them out. This is more than just a contest - it becomes a life-changing force for the targeted community. 

Helpful Tips:

  • We  like videos (A video will help your group stand out)
  • Think outside the box. (You want to have an idea that is not the same as 40 other youth groups)
  • Be detailed and specific. (we want to understand your idea and see your passion)
  • Youth should narrate and do most of the speaking (We want to see youth being leaders)
  • Shoot your video at the location you want to help.
  • Don't procrastinate!

You can see videos, news articles, and pictures of previous winners below.

Previous Winners

Newspaper Article on the Hope House $1,000 Thought Project

Our previous $1,000 Thought winners.
Winter 2014: Highland Avenue Baptist Tabernacle Church (Owsley County, KY)
Summer 2015: Moore's Memorial Baptist Church (The Hope House, Gate City, VA)
Winter 2015: First Baptist of Belle Glade (Ella's Closet, Belle Glade, FL) - $1000 Event Date: June 19-23, 2016.

The Summit is a shelter for Women getting out of prison and finding new ways to serve their community, while strengthening their faith.

Announcement of our 3rd $1000 Thought Winners - Blend Youth at First Baptist of Belle Glade

Ella's Closet is a small baby store for mothers who can barely afford to take care of their children.

The YFA team went back to visit the Hope House (Battered Women's Shelter), for a very special dedication. 

Our 2nd $1000 Thought Winners - Moore's Memorial Baptist Church from Gate City, VA

Our 1st $1000 Thought winners - TAB Youth from Highland Avenue Baptist Tabernacle Church in Fort Thomas, KY

A recap of our trip to the Hope House  in Gate City, VA with the youth from Moore's Memorial Baptist Church

A recap of our trip to Owsley County, KY with TAB Youth for our very first $1000 Thought