Xtreme Hunt Rules

  1. Pick your team. (Max of 10 people).
  2. Complete each challenge with a photo or video
  3. Upload ALL your photos here. Each picture/upload MUST INCLUDE your team name hashtag.  (#xtremehunt__________) ________ is your team name.
  4. Points awarded for difficulty, creativity, originality and making us laugh. Winning Team announced Jan 2 at the morning service. (Will be posted to the YFA App and Facebook)

    Winning team receives a Pizza Party for their Youth Group (Up to $100 in Pizza) and YFA T-Shirts for the winning team.

    Make us laugh and members or ALL of your team could win free stuff!!

Xtreme Scavenger Hunt

Start early and win prizes. Make us laugh and you can win free stuff!!!

Hunt 1: "Let's Get Started" Take a picture of your group, include names (you can tag them) and team hashtag (your team name with #xtremehunt__________)  on the YFA Facebook Page! Upload team photo  here.

Hunt 2: "The Dolly" You're in the home of Dolly Parton. Give us your best impression of Dolly and her adoring fans! Video or pic.

Hunt 3: "Photo Bomb" Take a group pic with any band member or speaker. Whether they know it or not.

Hunt 4: "Make Us Laugh" Come up with the silliest photo you can. The groups that make us laugh the most, get the most points.

Hunt 5: "YFA" Come up with a creative way to spell Youth For America's initials YFA. (Hint: You can use people or food)

Hunt 6: "The Rhyming Zone" Find something that rhymes. Have each team member wear or hold something that rhymes together in your picture. (Hint: Hat, Cat, Bat, etc) Try to have everyone with a different object)

Hunt 7: "The Builder's Challenge" Come up with a creative way to build a pyramid. Remember to add your team twist to it.

Hunt 8: "I'm So Tired" Winter Xtreme wearing you out? Take a picture of your group snoring after wearing yourselves out at the concert.

Hunt 9: "YFA Selfie" get a group selfie at the YFA booth. How many staff can you get in the photo with you.

Hunt 10: "Wristband Extravaganza" Take a team photo wearing as many wristbands as you can. (Download the app for a FREE one, grab someone else wearing the wristbands to boost your numbers, double points for ones from the YFA booth).