Feeling Angry...?

“A gentle answer turns anger away. But mean words stir up anger.” -Proverbs 15:1

Being on steroids because of neck and shoulder pain, anger and attitude have been on my mind alot. I have to constantly watch myself because of how medication can alter your mind and mood. I don’t want to act out in anger because it only makes me look foolish. Not saying all anger is sin. In fact, you have the right to be angry about what God is angry about. It is called righteous anger. His anger was directed against those whose minds were so jaded and hearts so hard that they would rather follow their own laws and let a man suffer than see him healed! You have the right to be this way until the sun goes down. You will really need to search your heart to figure out the source of your anger. Our own anger usually isn’t so honorable. -Romans 1:18 We often get angry about frivolous things while not getting angry about stuff that really matters. However, Jesus’ response to the Pharisees gives us a helpful principle that we can apply in our own lives to respond better any time we’re angry. -Mark 3:5

Instead of lashing out at those who’d angered Him, Jesus turned His anger into a wonderful good deed. He turned His anger into an act of grace. Whether you bottle up your anger or blow up with your anger, both forms are just as dangerous. You probably already know this, but misguided anger doesn't do any good for you or the people around you. Jesus turned His anger into a wonderful good deed. We should do the same. -1 John 4:19 It's time to let God replace your anger with love.

Ephesians 4:31,32 says Get rid of ALL hard feelings, anger and rage. Stop ALL fighting and lying. Put away EVERY form of hatred. Be kind and tender to one another. Forgive rather, just as God forgave you because of what Christ has done.

Felicia McDanielComment