Faith + Action= Unlocked Authority

Wow! You have to check out Luke 7:1-10. It is an amazing story of a Roman Officer who finds his most honored servant at the door of death. This servant, unlike many, had committed to life-
long service after he had already paid his debt to the master. They loved one another. It was this love that drove the officer to find life for his friend. In his greatest moment of need his wealth, status, or authority couldn't deliver the results he needed. HIS NEED DEMANDED FAITH.

The Bible records the event well, saying that when the officer heard about Jesus he sent Jewish leaders to Jesus requesting that He would come and heal his servant. The Roman officer 
wasted no time in seeking an answer for his need. Nor did he send a boy to do a man's job. The scriptures say he sent well respected Jewish leaders to petition Jesus. HIS FAITH DEMANDED ACTION.

The officer with a great FAITH and heart bent towards ACTION, sends a group of friends to communicate to Jesus that it isn't important for Jesus to make the journey to his house. But that he recognizes Jesus' authority to a supernatural world. All he asks is that Jesus releases words of life from where he stands. The officer's faith creates action that unlocks authority. ACTION UNLOCKS AUTHORITY.

What is your great need? Are you trying to fix this issue with your own talents, resources, or connections?

If you have Faith that God can meet your need, are you putting action behind your Faith? While it's important to carry your needs to God in prayer also ask respected leaders to pray with you.

The most important thing to remember in all of this is: God doesn't have to do it your way. He can do it from wherever He is. He doesn't have to show up on your court and play ball the way you think it needs to be played (Now I'm talking to myself). His Authority can release life into your Need with just a little Faith and Action.