“Create in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a steadfast spirit within me.” -Psalm 51:10

“I am” appears over 2,000 times between Genesis and Revelation. I wonder  how many times does God say “I am” in the Bible vs. you or I stating it.?  Did you know we use “I am” more than God does. And, when He did say, “I am”, it was most often in relationship to us. For example-  “I am [to you] the Bread of Life, the Way, the Living Water, the Beginning and the End, ”  and then there is also John 6:35 -“Then Jesus declared, ‘I AM the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.’”

If you wrote down your words for a day, what percentage of your sentences would be about you.?  How much would be about others.?  How much would be about God.?

Do you point more often to yourself and not to God.?

If you are self focused it means you are no good to those around you.

If you are a Christ filled, Spirit filled, God fearing person then your purpose and mission everyday is to love others and to share the love of Jesus with them.

That’s a hard lesson to learn. I know for myself being a homeschool mom, caregiver, and wife I have always thought of myself as a selfless person. I always have put others before me. The enemy has decided to try and change my focus to what about me. For a couple of weeks now I have thought of ways to think about myself first. By pouring my drink, fixing my plate first, etc.  Stay with me.  I have noticed my focus is now all about me I am busy, I am best at what I do, I am stressed, I am giving, I am tired, I am happy, I am pretty, I am ugly,  I am reaching out, I am being thoughtful, I am lonely, I am not getting my needs met, I am tired of being last.  WOW! I am really thinking about myself a lot. No wonder I have been so frustrated lately and felt like giving up. In the midst of the battles I have let the enemy sneak in and redirect my focus to myself and because of that I have been too busy concentrating on the wrong “I am” all the time. I have wanted to hide away and stay to myself and have some me time. God didn’t create me that way though. Yes, it’s good to have some time to myself every now and again but when I think it is more important to meet my needs and enjoy myself before others then that means I have turned the mirror, and when the mirror is turned towards ourselves it is harder to reflect God’s love onto others.

Perhaps that is why God is so giving, forgiving and loving. He puts us first. He died for us so we could be restored into a right relationship with Him. His focus is more on His creation than Himself.

As we allow the Lord to do a work in us, we need to realize He is transforming the way we see others. Which reminds me of the song “Open the eyes of my heart Lord”  

We can’t see the needs of others if we are looking through the binoculars of our flesh rather than through the eyes of Jesus.  

In the dictionary, “I” comes before “u,” but shouldn’t it be the reverse in our Christian walk.?

Father God, help me to concentrate less on me during the day and more on You, the Great “I Am”. Please refocus my mind and heart again on being more like you and direct my attention onto the others You have placed in my path. Teach me to serve by thinking of “You” and “them” before I think of myself. In Your Name I pray, Amen.