Take Time

Psalm 23:2 “He lets me rest in green meadows; he leads me beside peaceful streams.”

We think and have a view of God to do so many things but we tend to forget that when he created us, He designed us to have moments where we have to rest. The problem is most of us do not do it. We live in a fast world, and the motto is go, go, go, go, go. For most of us, and especially me I am not one who likes to rest or wait. I would rather pull into a Chick-Fil-A Drive through with 10 cars than another fast food restaurant with 2 or 3 cars. Why because Chick-Fil-A normally has faster service, my car moves forward every 20-30 seconds where I might have to sit 1 or 2 minutes per car at another place. I feel like I am doing something because I am moving. Doesn’t matter if I Chick-Fil-A actually took longer, I felt like I was doing something because the car was moving and I wasn't just sitting there.

In life we get the same way, this world has conditioned us to go. When we do stop to rest our mind begins to focus on everything we need to do and our rest quickly ends and we begin to go and go. The thing is that is not healthy or what God wants for us. As leaders we must not get so burnt out in going that we end up not being useful to the people around us. This means, like King David we must allow God to recharge us in times of rest. God knows that when you are rested you are at your best so make sure you take time to rest and recharge. It will help you in being a better leader and in being a better follower.

Now resting does not mean letting responsibilities slip by. In means aligning our priorities.

God 1st
Immediate Family 2nd
School/Work 3rd
Church 4th
Friends/Extended Family 5th
Everything Else

Take some time today and evaluate your priorities because if you do not rest your body will eventually force you to rest and that is not healthy.

Am I getting enough sleep each night?

Is something, my smart phone/tablet, TV, internet keeping me awake where I am not getting enough sleep?

Do I have time each day scheduled to spend with God?

Do I have time in my week scheduled to rest and relax? Try playing some soft worship music and lay on the couch or in bed for a short time, close your eyes and just listen to the music and words.

Do I need to make my schedule more efficient? We all have priorities each day we have to do but most of us also have things we have made a priorities that keep us going and going. Do you need to adjust your priorities? A wise man once said let me see your personal calendar (daily schedule) and your bank account (where you spend your money) and I can tell you where your priorities are.

Lord, help me to make you a priority in my life and to also allow you to refresh me in my times of resting. Help me to learn to rest in your presence and to find my place of rest. I trust you to reveal to me what priorities are out of order and to help me get my priorities in order. Thank you that you are in complete control of my life and I surrender it completely to you. In Jesus name, amen.

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