Have A Grateful Heart!


“You will keep in perfect peace; if you trust in God, and keep your thoughts fixed on Him!” -Isaiah 26:3

I usually write about God’s love or our love for Him around Valentine’s Day and I may still in days to come, but God wants me to talk about having a grateful heart. A grateful heart can change the whole way you see life. Is there something in your life you have been ungrateful for.?

I haven't always been a grateful person. There are many times I have taken all God has done for me for granted. Instead of thinking on all the things I could be thankful for, I chose to focus on the things I had to complain about. All that hasn’t been taken care of in my life, even if it was a responsibility God had given me and I am sure there are lots of things I could still find to complain about in life, but I will bite my tongue and thank God anyway. People who are ungrateful have a negative personality. They find it easy to complain about the little things and easily become moody which leads me to a list of questions for you to think on.

Do you appreciate the things that God has given you.?  

How do you think God feels, when He's done so much for you and then you go throughout the day not even stopping to think about all He's done for you?

Are you too busy to stop to think about all God's done for you.?  

How do you think that makes God feel?

Do you think He gets overwhelmed with joy, and just can't wait to send you more blessings?

If you were in His position, would you feel that way?

Wouldn't you want your people to be thankful for the goodness and blessings you have showered on them?

Stop looking at the negative, despite the positive!  The more you thank God, the more you will learn to trust Him. I thank Him for the front parking places. I thank Him for a little more mayo that’s in the jar. I thank Him for helping me find socks for my cold feet. Instead of just focusing on the BIG things He does, thank Him for the little things they are just as important. Stop looking at the mess in your life and focus on giving thanks to God for all of His unique blessings He has given you. If that means writing your blessings on paper to have a constant reminder, then do it. Then every time the temptation to complain comes to mind, look at what you wrote. You'll be amazed at how God has been with you every step of the way. You will become more aware of how He is present everyday in your life, down to the smallest detail.

God’s word says, "Delight yourself in the LORD; and He will give you the desires of your heart." -Psalm 37:4

Having a grateful heart will open a flood-gate to blessings, joy, peace, and all sorts of goodness in your life. Did you know a grateful heart touches the very heart of God.? King David said that when we approach God,  we should enter into His gates with thankful hearts! -Psalms 100:4

This Valentine’s Day begin focusing on having a grateful heart. Even when things fall apart! Pay attention to all God has done for you. Watch your attitude. Say "thank you" more often. The more you do, the more grateful and joyful you will become. The benefits of giving thanks are many. Remember that a grateful heart is important and vital to your spiritual health.

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend!

Felicia McDanielComment