(Proverbs 26)

“Where there is no wood the fire goes out, and where there is no talebearer, strife ceases.” -Proverbs 26:20

Have you ever been the target of gossip? Perhaps you have engaged in a bit of gossip?  We know wood fuels fire, … but how often are we aware that gossip fuels quarrels.?  


Sometimes gossip begins between friends. When it is allowed, a division will most likely occur. Remember that the satan is at work in this world. He is trying to find a foothold anywhere he can. It could be in your best friend’s life or even a family member. Always be on guard and recognize that “we are not fighting against flesh and blood enemies but against the powers of the dark world” -Ephesians 6:12.


Rise up! Stand strong! and Be warriors! (And know that warriors sometimes need to be SILENT.) -Proverbs 24:28-29


You  are called to be a messenger of light and life, not of gossip and revenge. If someone committed an offense against you, I am sorry it happened to you. Know that God will take care of it for you. Entrust it to His care and let it go. Remember,  Jesus was arrested, tried, convicted, and put to death an innocent man. He had many opportunities to plead His case, but He remained SILENT. He knew that His Father was taking care of everything. Have that same trust. He is the SAME GOD now and forever. You are not alone and you were not created to handle struggles on your own. God is right there, waiting for you to call on Him. He wants to change our hearts. Be still; be silent. Let God speak to you and then do what He says.


Make a choice not to take part in gossip. Remove a piece of wood from the fire. The proverb says that quarrels will disappear when gossip stops. Make a choice to stay silent, to not be angry, and to entrust the situation to our God. -Proverbs 16:28 says, “A troublemaker plants seeds of strife; gossip separates the best of friends.” There is another solution to gossip….PRAYER. Whatever situation is before you, take it to the Lord. He wants to help you through it, no matter what it is.

Be careful with your speech, regarding others. Instead of gossip, I offer you another solution – pray. Whatever the situation, take it to the Lord. He wants to help you through it, no matter what it is.

#staysilent #dontbeangry #dontplantseedsofstrife

Felicia McDanielComment