Are You Walking In Love.?

Ephesians 5:2 - “and walk in love as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma.”  

That can be easier said than done. Given the evil in the world today but not only the evil taking place in the world by evil attacks but even in our families the evil being done that is tearing us apart. I know this is an on time chapter for me because of some things going on within my husband’s family and relatives. So I will use my life as an example. Visiting a church last week I heard a Pastor say, “What’s inside a child of God will bring out the worst in a child of the enemy. Even so we are to live to love others.”

I want to write in a way to see if you can relate. My thoughts were, “That explains a lot! The light in me brings out the evil in the child of the enemy. That’s why they speak against me, that’s why they hurt me and my family with their words, that’s why they are ungrateful for all I’ve done for them.!” But take the focus off of them and ask yourself…. “Do you live to love others regardless.?” Ouch!

---My thought was yes at first but when I really looked deeper the answer was no, because yes, I show love to those who are easy to love but to the ones I have seen inflict pain on others, the ones that have broken hearts of those I care about and love, the ones that don’t apologize when they are ugly, the ones that don’t show love to me when I deserve love…------

Do you see where I’m going with this.? Walking in Love isn’t easy to do regardless is it.?  BUT..Walking In Love regardless is just what we are supposed to do. I found myself questioning, “Really.? Do I have to do this.? How did Jesus do it.? How did He sit with His enemies and show love regardless.?

Truth is the bible says, “overcome evil with good.”-Romans 12:21 Easier said than done, right.? Not really if you are truly Walking By Faith and Trusting God has gone before you. Again, Ouch! See this goes deeper to a matter of the heart because it is the things in our hearts that defile us and condemn us. Another thing the Pastor said was, “Is it Service and Sacrifice over yourself.? Or is it all about you.?”

God will make a way for you to sit in the presence of your enemies. He will overcome the evil going on with good. When we say He turns all things to good, do we limit that to some things because I’m sure it fits in during Walking In Love also.- Romans 8:28

Just as God gives a choice in trusting Him, He gives us a choice to walk in love.  He will not force us to love we have to consciously make the choice to love on our own regardless of how hard it may seem to do. But if we fully rely on God, if we have a relationship with Him, if our communication line is open, His power will work in you and through you when you are walking in love.

When will we truly grasp the fact that LOVE  MUST BE THE FOUNDATION OF EVERYTHING WE DO! EVERYTHING!!

Choose to FORGIVE those who have wronged you. Bow before GOD with an open and humble heart. IT IS LOVE that causes you to live in the Spirit and it is the greatest virtue of all. Darkness cannot extinguish the light. So be the light in the darkness!-John 1:5

Live the way God wants you to. Model your life after Jesus, imitating Him rather than others. He is the perfect example of the love God requires from you. Avoid and reject impure or immoral speech and behavior. Use the time God has given you wisely, don’t squander it. Be certain that you will give an account of how you use God’s gift of time. Be continually filled with the Holy Spirit not just sometimes. Overflow with a continual song of praise and Thanksgiving in order to maintain a Spirit-filled flow in your life. Make sure to maintain a selflessly submissive attitude in all your family relationships and understand that this will provide evidence that Christ rules in your heart and in your home.

Walking in love is the key to experiencing the fullness of God’s power that works in and through you.

Without LOVE we cannot know God at all.  

Will you make the choice and choose to Walk in Love regardless.?
Felicia McDanielComment