5 Ways to Make sure YOU Matter!

5 Ways to Make sure YOU Matter! (Proverbs 31)

Ever see something terrible on facebook or twitter, or catch a piece of a tragic story while flipping through the channels?  If we face reality, hopelessness is everywhere.  If you have Christ in your heart, chances are, you want to look back at your life someday and see that you ACTUALLY made the world a BETTER place.  Heck, any decent person would.  Well, Proverbs is a book of truths that will for sure help you reach that goal.  Wisdom applied today plots a course for a brighter tomorrow:

1.       PERSPECTIVE is paramount: (Verse 3) You decide who you let matter.  Evaluate those who are close to you and decide, do you want them to have the power to speak into your life.  Those close to you will can give or take your strength and power!

2.       BURST the Bubble: (verses 8-9) look beyond your own little world.  Seriously, the world doesn’t become a better place if we don’t take the time to look at it for what it really is and determine to take some action! 

3.       “You can count on me like 1-2-3, I’ll be there”: (verses 11-12) Be the bright spot in someone’s life.  That means being someone that others can trust.  Be the reason someone knows that all of the goodness and kindness has not gone from the world!  Give hope!

4.       Waste Not, Want Not: (verses 13-25) Time & Energy are two things that we can’t ever get back once they’ve been wasted.  You only have so much of either.  Spend your time and energy using your talents for good.  Work hard at what there is to do and don’t wait for someone else to tell you what those things are.  Take a look at the world around you, there are plenty of jobs on the list!

5.       Tend your Tongue: (verse 26) Use your words wisely, share truth and advice carefully and gently.  Seriously if it doesn’t fall into those categories, should you be saying it?

Verses 28-31 tell us what happens if we’ll put the list into action:  check it out, #MakeMeMatter #iDevo #yfa

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