Keep His Words and Live

(Proverbs Chapter 7)

“Keep My Words, and treasure my commands within you. Keep my commands and live, and my law as the apple of your eye.” - Proverbs 7:1.2

I am trying to get better about holding on to the wisdom and knowledge I obtain through His Word. My memory isn’t working at its best right now, but I believe God is working that out. To me these verses mean we need to ensure that God’s word gets rooted deep into our hearts. That is my prayer that it doesn’t just go to my head..(because of my memory right now) but that it will penetrate my heart and I will be able to hold on to it there and to store it there. He tells us in Proverbs 7:3 to “bind His commands on our fingers and to write them on the tablet of our hearts.” God’s word should be more than just a head knowledge, we should have a heart knowledge of it; so that it can bring forth the harvest that God intends for it to bring into our lives.

Sitting in the Dr.’s office yesterday she told me she wanted to teach me about what I am dealing with. Immediately I feel the need to start searching for a pen and paper. I want to be able to remember everything she says because I know it will give me great insight into my health and my life. We should be the same way with the Bible. God’s Word isn’t just another book! God’s book is THE BOOK of Life. He gives us instructions to live by, it’s His roadmap for success, fulfillment, godliness, and virtue.

Solomon says, “Keep My Commandments and Live.”  These are Solomon’s words but, God is the voice behind the voice as He speaks to us. If we keep His commands, if we nurture them in the soil of our heart, if we apply them to every facet of our being, then we will LIVE, we will have the LIFE God intends for us to have.  

Don’t simply exist! LIVE! Enjoy the life Jesus died to give you!

John 10:10 says “Jesus came that we might have and enjoy life, in abundance, to the full, ‘till it overflows.”    

Walk in accordance with His Word so that you can enjoy a vibrant, fulfilling and rewarding life.  Just as we protect our eyes, so that we can see, we must protect God’s Word in our lives, so that we can LIVE!  

Understand the importance of God’s Word. Apply it to your life and enjoy the abundant life God has destined, designed, and desired for you!

God wants us to have and enjoy life His best life for us NOW!


Felicia McDanielComment