The Hidden Sin

“Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honor.” -Proverbs 29:23

Pride is such a terrible sin. It is the cause of many other sins, and it is so deceptive that you often don’t realize its presence until you’re too late. Pride was the sin of Satan that caused him to think he could be like God. Pride is the sin that causes him to believe that he can still triumph over God. And pride is the sin that will lead us astray in many ways if we are not careful.

How do you become prideful? It often starts with spending less time with God. The less time you spend with God, the easier it becomes to think you can handle things on your own. You become more self-dependent. You might begin to entertain more thoughts that focus on yourselfrather than God and other people. These are the beginnings.

Once pride grows in you, you will often find yourself justifying things that you wouldn’t justify if you were honest with yourself. For example, if I am prideful, I will sometimes find myself making up excuses to not invest in people and to go my own way, even though I know the Lord wants me to invest in people. As pride grows, you might find yourself pursuing more things that benefit you rather than other people. You might find yourself making less sacrifices. Sometimes pride can lead to racism or sexism. Sometimes pride can make you overconfident in your own abilities. And very often, pride will cause you to be unable to admit when you are wrong. The worst part about all of this is that pride will mask itself so that you don’t even realize any of this is going on. The biggest problem with getting rid of pride is that it naturally hides itself.

Living a life for Christ is contrary to a life of pride. Analyze your actions and your intentions daily to make sure you are not being prideful. A good action with the wrong intentions is a wrong action. Spend time with the Lord every day. The more you are with him, the more you will be aware of your pride. He will alert you through the Holy Spirit, and you will have the strength to overcome. Be careful! Don’t let pride hide within you. Scout it out, and get rid of it!

Matt KellyComment