No Limits! No Boundaries!

“How great is our Lord! His power is absolute! His understanding is beyond comprehension!” -Psalm 147:5

When you are down to nothing, God is up to something. God has no limits. I know that may be hard for us to even imagine at times, because most of our frustrations in life are a direct result of limitations. It doesn’t matter how done or dead a situation looks….nothing is impossible with God! -Luke 1:37

Don’t get caught up in what you can do to make the process speed up with the resources you may have available because your resources material and emotional are limited. BUT GOD, is not limited by space, knowledge, or power. Do you realize what this means.? It Means...WE CAN BE CONFIDENT OF HIS PRESENCE in ALL THINGS! But yet and still we are constantly trying to figure out why things are not going our way. We want answers as to why we are still struggling. Why are we still not out of the woods?

Why do we continue to limit God…why do we run out and measure what God can do and what He can’t do in our lives????

We don’t have to beg and plead with God to show up, He is already present! We can draw near to Him at any time, in any place.  God is as present today in the tattoo parlor as He is in our worship service. God is as present today in adult bookstores as He is on the seminary campus, He is as present in the bar as He is in the chapel, He is as present on the battlefield as He is at the peace negotiation table.  Be confident of this reality!  God is always present with you wherever you are. He provides abundantly to those who ask Him. Stop putting up barriers and preventing God from prevailing in your situations and circumstances.

God gives abundantly!

You may not always feel His presence, you may even feel alone, but you can be confident that He is with you and He wants to bless you in every season of life. He gave you a life beyond measure. Read Zechariah 2:1-5 and put your measuring stick up!  Press in to God’s presence and stretch yourself to believe God for MORE; believe Him for greater things and receive all that He has for you. Increase your capacity to receive more from Him and to be used by Him.

The Lord has so much MORE for you than what we can conceive on your own and once you see all God has provided for you, you won’t ever want to come in out of the rain. -Joel 2:23

'No limits, No boundaries, I see increase all around me!  Speak forth, break forth, Increase me Enlarge my territory'


Felicia McDanielComment