“The LORD will not reject his people; he will not abandon his special possession.” -Psalm 94:14 

We can live in bondage and never even know it. Have you ever been the victim of rejection? Have you ever felt like a contestant in a game of favorites and you lost? If anyone knew the pain of rejection, it was Leah. She was treated differently because she was not as attractive as her sister. “And Laban had two daughters: the name of the elder was Leah, and the name of the younger was Rachel. Leah was tender eyed; but Rachel was beautiful and well favored.” -Genesis 29:16-17


Do you think her self-esteem was hurt.? Knowing that she was not loved as much because of her looks must have hurt? Rejection is painful, it penetrates beneath the surface and shapes what we think and feel about ourselves.

Maybe you haven’t faced that type of rejection. Maybe you were fired from a job because “the other person” was a suck-up? Maybe you’ve eaten your lunch alone because you weren’t popular enough to eat with the “in crowd.” Perhaps your loved one left because they found “someone better.” At some point in our lives, we have all faced rejection. The good news is that God knows all about our rejection. He knows how much we hurt. He knows all about our heavy hearts. He knows, and He cares.

"So many are in prison because they won't accept themselves. So many are so gifted and talented, but they won't express themselves because they fear rejection. They fear man. They fear what people will think. I want to love My people, but they hold Me at arms length and won't let Me really love them because they have been hurt by others. They fear I will reject them because of their weaknesses—like people have—but I will never reject them. Tell them I love them. Ask them to stop trying so hard to be acceptable to Me and to realize I accept them where they are. Tell them I don't want perfect performance from them. I want them to love Me and to let Me love them." -God

Leah may have been rejected by her family and friends, but God never rejected her. He won't reject you because of your looks, weaknesses, or mistakes.  God loves you and accepts you because He decided to. In natural thinking, it is easy to think that God would look for a perfect specimen—someone who has it all together, a strong person who'd never fail Him or let Him down. But instead He looks for a person whose heart is perfect toward Him. 

Many times it may seem like we don’t have a friend to stand with us. There are times in life we can be brought so low that we wonder if anyone really cares. The only way to get rid of rejections effects is to acknowledge its presence, discover its source, and ask the Lord to help you deal with it.  Ask God for forgiveness for allowing hurtful emotions to hinder your walk with Him and to help you sift them out of your life.  Let me remind you again..... GOD CARES!  He will never reject you! We were all ugly in our trespasses and sin, yet He still sent His only Son to die for us. Thank you God for true love! He knows your weaknesses, so admit to Him where you are weak and let Him help you anyway. 1 Corinthians 1:27-29 says that God purposely chooses the weak and foolish things of the world to confound the wise. So you are important to Him! God says you belong to Him and are worthy in His eyes.

Know that God has placed people all around you who need love and acceptance. Give it to them, and you'll help them become the best person they can be.  

Read chapter 29 of Genesis, you’ll see how God dealt with Leah’s rejection. What a gift!

God Bless.





Felicia McDanielComment