God's Way.? or My Own.?

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD. -Isaiah 55:8



God loves us enough to make our path straight. Instead of choosing our own it’s much better to get on the right path with Him. While I was in Danli,Honduras, our team would meet upstairs on one of the doors there was a sign in spanish that said push but instead I was pulling. Which caused some laughter. But it made me think of how Sometimes in life God calls us to do things that seem contrary to what we think is the right answer or solution. There have been many times when I wanted to do things my way; because my way at the moment seemed logical or appeased how I felt. I would rather do things God’s way the first time than learn the hard way that His way is best.  It is easy to get distracted or think that our way is best at times that’s why we need to  make sure in all things we always pause, reflect, and hear correctly from God. Then move when He tells us to move. The bible says There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death. - Proverbs 14:12  Like I said a second ago.. I would rather be on God’s path. There are going to be times when God does something in your life and you question His motives.  There will also be times when you make plans to do something and God instructs you to ditch your plans and follow Him.

Move when He says move!

”Don’t get stuck in unfruitful patterns in your mind, heart, and in your ways. Loosen your grip, surrender to your own ways, know that God is God and He is always with you to be your guide through life.”-Psalm 46:10 Choose to be a “Father Pleaser”  seek His Kingdom, His righteousness, hear from Him, see what He sees and move in His direction. His ways are not our ways, but He has a divine plan and purpose and knowing that should always be on the forefront of our thoughts and reflections.

Regardless of what happens as a result of your obedience, know that God’s way is still the best way and living God’s way is much more rewarding than living life the way you want or the way you believe is right. Remember, God is all knowing, He knows the beginning and the end.  He will not steer you the wrong way.

Start living according to God’s purpose for your life. Choose God’s way.  

Father God, I embrace Your path today. Illuminate all things to me. I choose to follow the way you would have me go. Forgive me for my rebellion and my religious ways. Show me how I can truly live and move with You in every moment for Your glory alone, In Your Loving Name I pray, Amen.