Faith is more than a feeling.

Faith is more than a feeling.

"But the time is coming—indeed it’s here now—when true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. The Father is looking for those who will worship him that way." -John 4:23

Many Christians accept Christ's salvation in a hyper-emotional time of worship. Musical worship can often evoke an emotional response, and many sermons or speeches attempt to call upon certain emotions in order to connect with the listeners. None of this is wrong at all. God is quite present during emotional worship and teaching. However, there will inevitably come a time for each of us where we do not feel God's presence. There will be a time when we do not experience emotion in connection with God. Many Christians find themselves asking, "Why is this so?" Some believe that it is a sign of unbelief or doubt. While this might be the case, this is not necessarily true. Some believe that God is simply not present or moving during the times we cannot feel Him. This is certainly not true! God is present and moving, no matter what we might be feeling. Our emotions do not dictate God's presence. They do not decide when He will speak. They do not determine the status of our relationship with Him. 

Here is an excerpt from Josh Wilson's song, "Faith is Not a Feeling."

"There are days I hear You loud and clear, like nothing in the world could interfere. And I can sense You deep, deep down in my bones. And I know I'm not alone, I know I'm not alone. But when I don't feel You moving, that doesn't mean that You have disappeared. And when I don't feel You with me, oh God, that doesn't mean You're not here. So I keep on believing, yeah, 'cause faith is not a feeling."

When we don't sense God's presence or feel Him moving, that doesn't mean that He is not present and not moving. God calls us to worship Him in Spirit and in truth. When we don't feel the Spirit moving, we can call to remembrance the truth of God's Word. He is faithful. He says that He will never leave or forsake us. He will remain true to His Word. God is always present and always at work. Listen for Him, and learn to rely on the truth of Scripture over emotions.
God, help me not to be discouraged when I don't feel you. Give me joy when I don't feel like worshiping. Help me to worship you in truth as well as in Spirit. Reveal yourself to me through your Word. I will always remain faithful to you, because I know you will always remain faithful to me. Amen.

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