Demonstrate Love Today

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 “Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.”

It is always easy to demonstrate love to those who show us love back. On the other hand when someone is rude to us or mean. Maybe they say or do something we disagree with or do not like, it can be tough to demonstrate love. Yet love is the foundation of who we are as a believer. God loved us so much that He sent His only son to die for us (John 3:16). He challenges us to show that same love to a world that may not love us back.

So many times we are irritated by circumstances. Last night my four year old knocked over two glasses of water. The first happened when he pushed his tray out of the way accidently knocking over my glass on the floor that I thought was out of the way. Later hopping off the couch he bumped into the tray my glass of water was sitting on, dumping it over. It didn’t matter where I put my glass last night it was knocked over. My response though could have went either way. I was irritated, I was hungry and I wanted to eat my dinner, but I now had to clean up a mess. In my irritation I could have chosen to yell and scream at my son. This would have left me son crying and my wife giving me the look, you know the one a parent or spouse give when the course of action you decided to take was not the one they thought you should have picked. Or I could handle it calmly, tell my son accidents happen, it is ok, and clean up the mess. Our flesh rushes to make the first choice, words can come quickly flying out of our mouth and ultimately we say something we later regret. Or we can allow love to take over how we handle a situation.

No matter what you are going through today, make sure you respond in love. Our words can have a great impact on people, yet our actions and attitudes in a situation can have an even more profound impact. Take a moment today to reflect on yourself; specifically the past, present and future. Make sure you have responded in love in the past, making amends to those you have not treated with love. Look to the present and make sure you respond in love in every situation as you go through your day. For the future begin to make it a habit to demonstrate love to those around you. Learn how to be a 1 Corinthians 13 type of person.

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