When Jesus saw him lying there and learned that he had been in this condition for a long time, he asked him, “Do you want to get well?” -John 5:6

Let’s take some time to really look at the negative and seemingly hopeless things in our lives. There was a man who had been unable to walk for decades wallowed in misery on his pallet. No one would help him. All was hopeless. Jesus stopped and asked him that very question in John.

Maybe there is something not so pleasant in your life or something that is making you feel like you are wasting time. Yet you have resigned yourself to the fact that it is what it is. It may be your weight, work, rebellious nature, someone’s inability to bend, an addiction. I mention these things because they are where I have some struggles. There have been times I have thrown up my hands and screamed to the heavens, “I give up!” Have you ever been there?

God took me right to where I needed to be to hear from Him. He says, “You are right. It’s time to give it up, give it up to Me, but know your situation will not change unless your attitude towards it does.” Thank You God for your response. I know that requires me to step up and take action by allowing God’s power into my life. Jesus challenged the man, and He challenges us. Do you really want things to change, or are you going to continue live in misery, feeling hopeless, wasting all He gives you time, special moments, finances, etc.?

It’s time to stop looking for sympathy and to reinforce your negative view. Stop bending your perceptions to match your expectations! Stop acting obnoxiously to ensure that no one will like you.-Ephesians 4:1-3 Stop spending impulsively to confirm that fact that you can’t save.-Proverbs 21:20 Just because you hate the work you are required to do, does not mean you should do it poorly, expecting to get yelled at.-Colossians 3:23

“Do you want to get well?” You are too attached to defining your life. It’s time to give it to God. It’s time for change and change requires effort and endurance. Can you trust Him to help you make the change? It may seem endless but, God has a purpose for the process. Life lessons, the person you are handing over to Him, habits to unlearn. Your healing may not be instantaneous but it will be miraculous. Keep your faith in check because it is required!-Luke 8:25

God will provide if you ask and in all honesty proclaim that, yes, you want to get well.

Father God, help me to release the negative attitudes that debilitate me and block my ability to appreciate all You wish to do for me in this life. I believe You will satisfy my needs, and that I must first change my view of them. Help me to reach the point where I am willing to change so I can be cured of whatever it is that is preventing me from fully finding joy in You. You are my Healer and it is in Your Name that I pray, Amen.

Felicia McDanielComment