Judgement of the World

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“For He has set a day for justly judging the world by the man He has appointed, and has pointed Him out by bringing Him back to life again”-Acts 17:31

Have you heard of the book The Harbinger.? I have been reading it and it talks a lot about the judgement of the nations and the new “Left Behind” movie also has to do with judgement, they both really get the wheels turning in my mind about judgement.

We have seen the photographs of smoke and rubble where the World Trade Center used to stand. Why did this happen? How did this happen? Why do people get cancer? Why are there earthquakes and tornadoes that destroy entire cities? Why do people have to work so hard just to have enough money to barely feed their families? We probably ask ourselves questions like these quite often. But consciously we rarely do because we are so busy living our lives we rarely stop and wonder WHY?

Why does God command men and women to repent? And why does He expect you and me to relay His message to others? It’s simple: “He has set a day for justly judging the world.” And if people refuse to be repentant and they will be pardoned, they must be condemned “according to the rules of strict justice.” And who will do the judging? The man God has appointed... His only Son, Jesus Christ.. So, WHY do bad things happen? WHY isn't this world a better place? There is an answer to the WHY question, found in the Bible. But it’s not an answer that most people like to hear: the world is the way it is because it’s the world that we, in a sense, have asked for.

There are no easy answers to the WHY question. But the problems in this life and in this world should drive us to God and show us the need for him. If we don’t turn to Him there will be judgement. If you read in John 5:25-26, Matthew 25, and also there is a lot of scripture in Isaiah. In these scriptures Jesus declared He would judge the nations. This is a reminder that God is still on the throne; He is in control; nothing is going on in the world without His knowledge and consent. God’s justice assures us that He will always do right on behalf of His children. That falls right in line with Romans 8:28, and all things work together for our good.

Jesus advised us to pray the following to God: “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven” -Matthew 6.10. This world is not the way God wants it to be. And it won’t be until his kingdom comes. He is allowing this world to go on, but only for a time.

Today I am declaring, I will not let World turmoil upset me, for I know the God who sits on the throne and He rules over all.

Felicia McDanielComment