What is Youth for America?

Youth For America is a Christian leadership organization that works to empower youth to bring hope, life, and purpose in Christ to their peers. We offer training to Christian students wanting to be leaders, resourcing and strategic planning for bible clubs, an on campus event called MyHopeTour for bible clubs, and partnerships with the local church to harvest the mission field in public schools. Founded in 2010, Youth For America (YFA) is the only student-driven organization that networks to bring Christian students and many different Bible club groups together in order to reach their schools more effectively.

What leadership training does YFA offer?

YFA offers training to Christian Leaders in a variety of ways. We have training videos and written materials to help students start bible clubs or strengthen an already-existing club. Additionally, Leadership U helps students to be prepared for leading in the mission field at their schools. YFA also provides on-site training conferences on request - just contact us.

How will becoming a YFA Christian Leader make a difference in my life?

Life is filled with a multitude of distractions. As much as you may desire to make a difference on your campus, we understand that it can be overwhelming at times. We help bring focus and direction, through our support, in your efforts to reach your classmates and community for Christ. You will be linked with other students that share these common goals and given training materials to help you learn ways to lead more effectively. You bring the passion for serving Christ at your school, and we teach you the skills for effective servant leadership.

How do I get YFA to bring Christian Leadership training to my school or youth group?

First of all, contact us and let us know your interest! Then contact your youth leader, pastor, and/or adult advisers to bring them on board with your vision to change your school. We'll help you contact other local churches and/or bible clubs that would like to be a part of the YFA Network and join you for the training event. We will help you through the details and the process. Fill out our Book Christian Leadership Training form for more info.

What is Serve the City?

Do you have a heart for serving the community? Are you interested in raising up Christian leaders? Do you know people who need the hope of Christ? Serve the City is a leadership program that addresses all three of these questions. 

At Youth For America, we are all about the idea of members of a community coming together and serving as one body. We work hard to ensure that we are teaching others about what it means to be the Body of Christ. Serve the City is birthed out of that vision. There are three branches of Serve the City: Service Projects, Thousand Dollar Thought, and MyHopeTour.

What is MyHopeTour?

MyHopeTour is an outreach program (part of Serve the City), brought to your community by YFA, in which an entire community partners together to host an evangelistic event on a school campus after school hours. These events are called Nights of Hope. Our Nights of Hope use dynamic speakers, drama, music, and fun to share the hope of Christ with your community.

This branch of Serve the City is very gospel-driven. The goal of MyHopeTour is to see people find salvation in the hope of Christ. There are many opportunities for interested young leaders to participate in making this event happen, and we will provide coaching on how to share the gospel with your peers.


What are the benefits of MyHopeTour?

This event allows an entire community to partner together on a school campus for a single focus. MyHopeTour brings momentum to Bible Clubs and local youth groups as those who are newly-saved are connected with discipleship resources at the MyHopeTour event.

MyHopeTour partners with MyHopeTour.com. This website gives help with life-controlling issues, as well as provides a message that leads people to a relationship with Jesus. Christian leaders can hand out wristbands to their peers in conjunction with the MyHopeTour event. YFA has seen high results from this project. When handed out in conjunction with a MyHopeTour event, we have seen a salvation per minute after the attendees received the wristbands. We recommend that these wristbands be handed out in conjunction with a Night of Hope, but you can still order them off of our store for your group to hand out on their own.

Is there a cost for MyHopeTour?

The cost involved in bringing MyHopeTour to your area schools really depends on the desire of the bible clubs and churches involved in the planning. The key word is PLANNING. If your bible club or church would like to bring MyHopeTour to your area, other local youth groups and bible clubs will likely get behind you and seek to make this happen. If you are a church interested in partnering with YFA for a MyHopeTour, you can get more information here.

How can I bring MyHopeTour to my community?

Contact us! You can host the event at a school in your school system. Youth for America will work with your community to organize this event. Youth for America provides the speaker, sound system, and advertising materials. The first thing you need to do is to decide if MyHopeTour is needed in your community (YES!). Secondly, fill out the Book MyHopeTour form.

Does Youth For America partner with youth groups?

Yes. YFA loves to partner with youth groups to help them focus on leadership in their schools and communities. We would like to come to your church and provide Christian Leadership training to your students.

What are the benefits of YFA and a youth group partnering in ministry?

When Youth For America partners with a local youth group/pastor, we know that there is great potential for successfully guiding unchurched students into a healthy church. When your church takes up a partnership with YFA, it helps us to do what we do best - raise up Christian leaders and spread the hope of Christ!

How can my youth group join the network?

Your youth group can join the network by contacting us and setting up a meeting with our leadership team.

Fill out Join the Network: Youth Group form to get the process started.

Does YFA start Bible Clubs in schools?

No, because Bible clubs in schools are student-initiated and student-run. The YFA Network offers support, technical assistance, training, and networking opportunities to students and advisers who wish to start or run a Bible club to bring hope, life, and purpose to their schools.  If you would like YFA to help your Bible club, fill out the Help My Club form.

Can Bible Clubs be banned from schools?

No. Bible clubs cannot be banned if other non-curricular student clubs are allowed to exist at the school. The Federal Equal Access Act and the First Amendment of the US Constitution establish the requirement of equal treatment for all non-curriculum related clubs regardless of the content of speech at the club meetings. For more information on Christians' rights in schools, click here.

What impact does a Bible Club have on school climate?

A YFA Network Bible Club, regardless of its group affiliation, will have an unstoppable effect on its campus. As in every network bible club, YFA Christian Leaders have been trained to follow principals that bring life to leadership and to find unique strategies to bring growth to the body of believers. Students will begin to see a clear source of hope and meaning coming from the members of the club, the group will be an example of love and charity to the student body, and club members will begin taking lead roles in all types of campus groups. While a Bible club will have its fingerprints all over the school, each member understands that the mark they wish to leave is not their mark, but His mark!

Where is YFA based?

While Youth For America’s offices are located in Chattanooga, TN, our real base is in students, schools, and churches across the nation.